Oil & Gas

National parks don’t exist in isolation. They are part of larger ecosystems and landscapes that include other public and private lands, but harmful activities on these surrounding lands are increasingly affecting the land, water, wildlife, and visitor experiences, within national park boundaries.

The Trump administration has made oil and gas development a priority over conservation and lands protection. And many in Congress are working to make the administration’s goals a reality, attempting to weaken standards that protect national parks from oil drilling within their boundaries.

The Trump administration has also attempted to open all of America’s coastlines to expanded offshore oil and gas development, which would threatens more than 60 coastal national parks that provide recreation opportunities to millions of visitors, economic benefits to thousands of local communities and critical protections for marine life.

National parks are no longer safe from the impacts of encroaching oil and gas development at their borders. Congress must stand up for national parks, to protect their landscapes and waters from harmful oil and gas development.