The National Parks Action Fund, together with supporters from across the country, works to ensure our national parks are a national priority for our elected leaders. By highlighting the importance of national parks and encouraging support for members of Congress who stand up for national parks, we hold our leaders accountable so our parks get the funding and protections they deserve. Read More

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One of the most fundamental missions of the National Park Service is to protect landscapes and sites that together tell America’s story. And yet, in the first few months of the current Congress, multiple bills have been introduced aimed at unraveling core park protections.

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Our national parks had nearly 331 million visitors in 2017. And yet, the Trump Administration and some members of Congress are considering deep funding cuts to federal agencies like the National Park Service.

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Oil & Gas

National parks are no longer safe from the impacts of oil and gas development at their borders. Members of Congress must work to protect our parks from outside impacts.

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The health of America’s national parks is directly linked to the health of the waters that surround and flow through them. Congress continues to vote to undermine the protection of national park waters. And there are likely more attacks to come.

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National parks are critical to protecting wildlife, providing habitat where species can thrive. Unfortunately, too many members of Congress are working to remove safeguards for wildlife in the very places where it should be safe.