Get Involved

Your parks. Your voice. Your vote.

Never has there been a more critical time for our national parks. Due to years of neglect by too many members of Congress, our parks need billions of dollars in repairs and more rangers to care for them. Many lawmakers are ignoring parks’ funding needs while at the same time actively working to prevent protections for park waterways and wildlife as well as undercutting our ability to preserve places of natural and historic importance. It has to stop. Parks deserve better.

The decisions lawmakers make in Washington can have profound effects on national parks. America needs more champions in Congress and the administration who will stand up and fight for our parks, regardless of political pressures.

By holding their members accountable, constituents can make sure their rhetoric matches their record. By getting involved, you are ensuring America’s favorite places receive the protections they deserve.


LUNAMARINA, iStockphoto


Urge your members of Congress to support national parks: