Congressional Scorecard

With the 2020 election right around the corner, we are at one of the most important crossroads we’ve seen in a generation. For years, our national parks have not received sufficient funding from Congress to manage park resources, or fix roads, trails, visitor centers and historic sites. Park rangers, scientists and staff have not been given the tools to adequately address the impacts of climate change or persistent air and water pollution. Moreover, the current administration has slashed protections for air, water and wildlife, and Congress as a whole has done little to hold it accountable for protecting these resources.

It’s easy for members of Congress to say they love national parks, particularly those in or near their own districts and states, but the decisions lawmakers make in Washington have profound effects – both directly and indirectly – on all national parks. Ultimately, when it comes to their work in Washington, does Congress really stand up for our national parks?

National Parks Action Fund’s 2020 Scorecard assesses members of the 116th Congress, scoring them on key votes concerning park funding, oil and gas development near parks, cabinet nominations, and protections for water and wildlife. Americans care deeply about national parks, and believe they deserve the best protection possible. It is the job of members of Congress, who represent the American people, to ensure parks are well funded and that laws protect them.

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