Congressional Scorecard

With the 2020 election right around the corner, we are at one of the most important crossroads we’ve seen in a generation. Due to years of neglect by too many members of Congress, our parks need billions of dollars in repairs and more rangers to care for them. While neglecting parks’ funding needs, many in Congress are actively working to prevent protections for park waterways and wildlife and to hamper our ability to preserve new places for future generations.

It’s easy for members of Congress to say they love national parks, particularly those in or near their own districts and states, but the decisions lawmakers make in Washington have profound effects – both directly and indirectly – on all national parks. Ultimately, when it comes to their work in Washington, does Congress really stand up for our national parks?

National Parks Action Fund’s Scorecard is keeping track of how members of the 116th Congress vote on important park protection bills concerning park funding, critical preservation tools like the Antiquities Act, and protections for water and wildlife.

Americans care deeply about national parks, and believe they deserve the best protection possible. It is the job of members of Congress, who represent the American people, to ensure parks are well funded and that laws protect them.

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