Congress Needs to End Shutdown, Fund National Parks

DATE: January 20, 2018
Angela Gonzales, Press Secretary
P: 202.419.3712 |

Washington, DC — The failure of Congress to pass funding legislation and the resulting government shutdown is putting our national parks, and the resources they protect, at risk.

Statement by Kristen Brengel, Executive Director of National Parks Action Fund:

“National parks are some of our country’s greatest treasures. The Trump Administration’s plan to keep parks partially open while minimally staffed during the government shutdown, is an abdication of their responsibility to protect these natural, cultural, and historic resources. Congress and the administration need to work together to end the government shutdown and get our national parks fully open and rangers back on the job.”

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About National Parks Action Fund
National Parks Action Fund (Action Fund) is the 501(c)(4) of National Parks Conservation Association. The Action Fund’s fundamental goal is to protect, restore, and fund the National Park System by informing the public about threats facing our parks, educating members of Congress about proposals to help parks, and influencing candidates’ positions to forward those proposals.